30 NOV 2020

Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AV-01.1


Ref:        (a) Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual, COMDTINST M16798.3 (series)

(b) Auxiliary Aviation Program, COMDTINST 16798.1 (series)

(c) Auxiliary Air Crew Qualification Program, COMDINST 16798.2 (series)

1. PURPOSE. To provide policy and guidance to all District Seven Auxiliary Aviators concerning the Annual Aviation Workshop.

2. ACTION. All Auxiliarists involved with the Auxiliary Aviation Program in the Seventh Coast Guard District shall comply with the contents of this Directive. All applicable DIRAUX Directives are available on the D7 Help Desk site at All source documents are maintained in the DIRAUX office.

3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AV-01 is cancelled.


a. Introduction. Commandant Instructions require that all Auxiliary Pilots and Air Crew Members participate in a one-day Annual Aviation Workshop. These Workshops are generally held at the local air station. Pilots and Air Crew Members who do not attend this required Workshop will not meet annual currency maintenance and their certification will lapse, which will prevent them from receiving orders as Pilots or as Air Crew. Observers are encouraged to attend, but will only receive non-reimbursable orders.

b. Workshop Agenda. Items (1) thru (5) of this paragraph are the minimum subject matter required to be covered at the Annual Aviation Workshop. Items (6) thru (8) are required annual tasks that may be accomplished at the Annual Aviation Workshops, but can also be completed at other events approved by the DSO-AV or air station active-duty Auxiliary Liaison Officer (AUXLO).

(1) Aero medical facts for pilots and aircrew, provided by a flight surgeon or other qualified medical personnel.

(2) Crew Resource Management (CRM), Risk Assessment Matrix and aeronautical decision making principles.

(3) Excerpts from the FARs and the AIM pertinent to Auxiliary Aviation.

(4) Local area and district TFRs and local flight and airport advisories/NOTAMs. 

(5) Any additional requirements dictated by COMDT.

(6) Annual egress training.

(7) Annual swim test.

(8) Aircraft / safety equipment inspection (if time permits).

c. Travel Orders and Budgeting.

(1) The Director will issue orders for a one-day Workshop. Funding for one overnight stay for members that live more than 50 miles from the air station will be approved on a case-by-case basis as recommended by the AUXLO. If the sponsoring air station desires that the Workshop last more than one day, the air station shall provide additional Travel Order numbers (TONOs) to cover the extra days. Members will file a travel claim using form Travel Claim (DD Form 1351-2) within 30 days of the completion of the Workshop. Because funding for all Workshops is very limited, we ask that all members conserve by doubling up on transportation and lodging.

(2) AACs will provide the names of members attending the Workshop to the Air Station AUXLO and the Director at least one month in advance of the Workshop.

(3) Local (permissive) unfunded orders will be issued by DIRAUX without a TONO to members who live within a 50-mile radius of the Workshop location.

d. FAA Wings Program. To receive credit for the FAA “Wings Program” required annual seminar (by attendance at an Auxiliary Aviation Workshop), the AUXLO or AAC must contact the District Staff Officer- Flight Safety (DSO-FS) prior to the seminar to arrange for an FAA Safety Counselor to be present and coordinate the names of the participants.

5. RESPONSIBILITY. The District Staff Officer–Aviation (DSO-AV) is tasked with recommending changes for this Directive to the Director via the District Chief of Staff.

J. W. Briggs

Commander, United States Coast Guard

Director of Auxiliary

Seventh Coast Guard District