Directive AD-05.2 REYR POLICY


30 OCT 2020

Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AD-05.2

Subj: Required Yearly Not Met (REYR) POLICY

Ref: (a) Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series)

1. PURPOSE. To provide policy and guidance to all District Seven Auxiliarists concerning mandatory procedures that must be followed for recertification and to prevent certifications from lapsing.

2. ACTION. All Auxiliarists in the Seventh Coast Guard District shall become familiar with and follow the guidelines contained in this Directive.

3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AD-05.1 is cancelled.

4. DISCUSSION. AUXDATA is the only official record that lists which Auxiliarists are fully certified to conduct Auxiliary missions. If a mission or task is not entered in AUXDATA, then the mission or task was not completed. Enclosure (1) lists requirements that all Auxiliarists must fulfill prior to accepting orders or going on a mission. To ensure that all Auxiliarists are fully covered in the event of a MISHAP, it is extremely important that all Auxiliarists receiving orders follow these procedures.

5. ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT AND IMPACT CONSIDERATIONS. Environmental considerations were examined in the development of the directive and have been determined to be not applicable.

6. RESPONSIBILITY. The Director will maintain Directives and make changes based on recommendations from the DCOS.

J. W. Briggs

Commander, United States Coast Guard

Director of Auxiliary

Seventh Coast Guard District

Encl: (1) REYR Policy and Procedures


Enclosure (1) to CG DSeven Aux Policy Directive AD-05.2

REYR Policy and Procedures

1. To ensure that Auxiliarists who completed Annual Currency Maintenance (ACM) in the previous year are able to receive orders in the current year, the following procedures are established:

a. Flotilla Commanders (FC) and Auxiliary Aviation Coordinators (AAC):

(1) Prior to January 10th, ensure that all completed Mission Reports (Form 7030) are submitted to your SO-IS or Directors Administrative Assistant – Aviation Management (DSO-AVM) and that they are entered into AUXDATA. Approximately January 15th, all Auxiliarists who are missing required ACM tasks or hours in AUXDATA (from the previous year) will be set to, Required Yearly Not Met (REYR), which means the member is no longer certified due to failure to complete required tasks or hours. After that date, all Auxiliarists listed as REYR are required to recertify before receiving orders or conducting Auxiliary missions. No exemption to this requirement will be made for Auxiliarists who failed to verify their status even if they claim that they completed the tasks and/or hours in the previous year. Auxiliarists should be repeatedly advised by the Auxiliary leadership to monitor their ACM so as not to be placed in REYR for the oncoming year.

(2) Do not send currency maintenance completion reports to the Director. The SOs-IS and the DEA-AVM (aviation) are the only ones who enter these tasks in AUXDATA.

(3) Comply with paragraph 2 below for recertification.

b. All Auxiliarists:

(1) Review your currency maintenance tasks to ensure they have been properly entered into AUXDATA. Obtain a copy of your Individual Training Status Report from your flotilla leadership or AAC (aviation) and verify that required ACM tasks and hours are properly documented. Report all discrepancies to FC, FSO-IS or AAC (aviation).

(2) Decline orders if AUXDATA shows that you are not certified. AUXDATA will not allow you to submit patrol orders if you are not certified.

c. Pilots and Coxswains: Prior to selecting Crew or Observers, Coxswains and Pilots shall ensure that they are fully certified. Verification of this requirement can only be done thru AUXDATA.

2. Procedures to be followed to obtain recertification for an Auxiliarist listed as REYR.

a. Auxiliarists listed as REYR must complete the required tasks/hours for recertification as published in applicable directives and/or instructions. These tasks/hours must be accomplished as a trainee under the direction of an Auxiliarist certified in the competency.

b. Completion of the training mission must be verified in AUXDATA. Completion of the required ACM must be documented on the appropriate forms and entered into AUXDATA. All activity logs and ACM completion reports must be forwarded for approval to the appropriate SO-IS for entry into AUXDATA. Aviation ACM completion reports must be sent to DIRAUX (OTO or DEA-AVM).

c. The SO-IS or DEA-AVM must enter the information in AUXDATA and forward an Individual Training Status Report to the applicable FC or AAC. This report verifies that the AUXDATA information was correctly entered.

d. For recertification requests:

(1) For all recertification requests (except Aviation and Marine Safety) the FC must certify that the Auxiliarist has completed all assigned tasks required for re-certification, and that the tasks have been entered into AUXDATA. Prior to forwarding request to help desk, the FC or AAC shall confirm hours under orders in the previous year, date of last QE Check-Ride and dates of NAVRULES. QE Check-Rides and NAVRULES must have been passed after January 1, 5 years (or less) prior. For instance, NAVRULES must have been passed after January 1st, 2001 for someone to be certified in calendar year 2006.

(2) For aviation recertification requests, the AAC must certify in writing to DIRAUX (Operations Training Officer (OTO)).

(3) For marine safety or medical recertification requests, the FC must certify in writing to DIRAUX (Operations Training Officer (OTO)).

e. After verifying that the Auxiliarist has completed all requirements, DIRAUX will recertify the Auxiliarist and notify the FC or AAC.

f. All correspondence with DIRAUX must include the Auxiliarist’s full name as listed in AUXDATA, the Auxiliarist’s number (EMPLID), and the Auxiliarist’s division/flotilla number.

g. Failure to follow the above procedure will cause delays in recertification.