QE Bulletin * 7 - July 2022

Note: QE Bulletin #7 supersedes Bulletins# 1 - 6

QE Bulletin #7- August 2022


Guidelines for a successful Dockside and Underway Check Ride

The Flotilla Leadership in conjunction with the support of the FSO-MT and the Mentor are responsible for guiding the boat crew candidate through the learning process.

All QE requests shall be initiated via the D7 Auxiliary Help Desk without exception

Each member must complete all required tasks prior to requesting a QE.


1. Prior to requesting a QE for Dockside or Underway Check Ride, the FC or FSO-MT must confirm that all prerequisites are current in AUXDATA for both initial and recertification. A QE audit will not be scheduled if required prerequisites are missing or out of date in AUXDATA. Initial crew requirements: Approved boating course, ICS-100, ICS-700, TCT Initial, TCT Refresher, and all Auxiliary Mandated (AUXMT) training courses and Workshops Initial Coxswain requirements: ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700, ICS-800, either ICS-210 or ICS300, TCT Initial, TCT Refresher, NavRules 70 (proctored test), Operations Policy open book test, 28 underway hours completed, and all Auxiliary Mandated (AUXMT) training courses and Workshops

2. Candidates must be BQ, or AUXOP to be eligible for the Boat Crew Program.


1. Submit a QE mission request via the D7 Auxiliary Help Desk ticket at least three weeks prior to the requested QE mission date. Requests may be scheduled on weekdays or weekends. Plan to hold QE missions throughout the year. QEs conducted without a QE request form and written validation from the QEC and AQEC will not be valid.

2. Use the latest "QE Request" form in the QE Corner Knowledgebase. Complete the form and include a primary and alternate QE audit date and the precise location, address and city. If requesting a QE AUDIT from and Active duty QE. Provide the name of OIA and the unit conducting the QE in the Mission information on the QE request form. Attach the AUXDATA Individual Training Record for each candidate, available from FSO-IS in addition, the QE Mission Checklist to the help desk ticket.

3. The Area QE Coordinator (AQEC) will arrange for Qualification Examiners (QEs) to support your requested mission. The designated QE-in-charge (QEIC) is responsible for all mission coordination. When you receive the QEIC's name, please direct all questions, coordination and mission details to the QEIC. If active duty QEs are conducting the QE, please include their names and contact information on the Help Desk Ticket.

4. Changes made to the QE candidate list after the initial request should be avoided. A minimum of two weeks notice MUST be given to the QEIC via the Help Desk to add a candidate to the list prior to the scheduled QE mission. A new Help Desk ticket is required with a completed QE Request form, along with the new candidate's individual training record. Change requests are not valid without written confirmation from the QEIC.

5. As a community best practice, DIRAUX recommends at least one Auxiliary QE present for all QEs involving Active Duty QEs. This allows for transparency and open information exchange.


1. A minimum of two QEs are required for all missions. This includes dockside and underway unless prior approval is granted by OTO. Active duty QE's may conduct the audit without AUX QE's present, however the Area QEC must be notified and given the right of refusal for the QE. Requests for an all Active Duty QE must still be requested through the D7help desk with the QE request form and training records. Contact information for the active duty QE’s must also be in the Help Desk ticket. Only pre-approved check rides through Sector QE coordinators or Chief QE will be allowed. Active duty QE’s will only conduct pre-approved check rides. If we receive check-sheets from active duty personnel for unapproved check rides, they will be not be honored by DIRAUX.

2. Operational Excellence program Audits should be requested through AQEC and referred to OTO for approval.

3. Prior to all U/W evolutions, all participants must conduct a risk assessment brief.

4. Audit Check sheets will be signed by the QE and results forwarded to the Chief QE via email. Dockside audit and u/w audit may be performed on different days. Candidates must be familiar with OIA’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

5. Boats must be 100% compliant with current regulations. Operational Facilities (OPFAC) must have a current facility inspection, be under AUXDATA orders and have the required operational safety equipment.

6. QEs will verify that all candidates comply with uniform regulations and have the required properly maintained PPE gear prior to audit. All participants will be in Full ODU. All participants may relax the blouse and wear approved CG-AUX T-shirt for U/W portion of AUDIT at QEIC's discretion. Boat shoes may be worn at COXN/OIA discretion. All participants must have no medical restrictions for Boat operations.

7. Coxswain candidates must be at the helm for all boat maneuvers with the exception of Search patterns when the coxswain may appoint another crewmember to be at the helm for that evolution.

8. Coxswains or crew members who do not pass a three-year recertification check ride will be put on Administrative Hold. Before requesting another QE mission, the candidate must wait 30 days and have at least two training missions in the tasks that they failed. The candidate will be audited for the failed tasks only within sixty days of the failed QE Audit; after sixty days, the candidate will be audited for all tasks.

9. Do not include the Qualification Examiner as a crewmember on the Patrol Order. Add the QE as you would an active duty member. 


The QE is not over until certain actions take place. The QE maintains control of the situation until three actions take place.

Crew Debrief

According to good TCT practices a crew de-brief is held at the end of each patrol.

The coxswain candidate may ask:

• What went well

• What did not go well

• What will the crew do different next time

Securing the Facility

Similar to the initiation of a patrol there is a reverse procedure for securing the facility. This is a good opportunity for the QE to observe teamwork and the spirit of cooperation among the patrol crew.

Termination of the Patrol

Did the coxswain candidate properly secure the patrol with the radio guard station?


Submit a request through the Chain of leadership with a copy of your training record and a brief essay on why you would be a good candidate to become a QE. All packages will be forwarded to the OTO for review.

QE application form:

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