Standardized Drill Sheets

Standardized Drill Sheets (

These are the standardized evaluation drill sheets for certain underway tasks.  These drill sheets are intended to assist each boat crew member and the overall boat crew team with meeting a national standard.  Coxswains and Crewmembers shall use these evaluation drill sheets completing training and annual currency maintenance tasks.  These drill sheets may also be used by boat crew members during QE sessions.

Qualification Examiners (QE's) shall only use the Evaluation Drill Sheets for the applicable task during initial checkrides, and Three-year evaluation/recertification checkrides.  No other modifications or use of any other evaluation criteria by the QE is authorized without authorization from CG-BSX-12 through the COLM.

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Onboard Fire 


MOB - Man Overboard


Search Patterns (Drift)

Search Patterns (Precision)