QE Resources

This page is designed to assist Qualification Examiner's (QE's) in the Boat Crew Program. The page contains required dockside oral examination, initial checkride and Three year evaluation/recertification checkride documents.  

The below files and/or Enclosures are from either the Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Handbook, ABQH 16794.52 (series) or Auxiliary Training Handbook – Boat Crew. 16794.51 (series).

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TASK BCM 02-02 - Physical Fitness & Vision 


CREW Dockside Oral Exam

CREW Initial Underway Checkride 

CREW - ENC 1 - 3 year / RECERT 


COXN Dockside Oral Exam

COXN Initial Underway Checkride

COXN - ENC 2 - 3 year / RECERT 


PWO Dockside Oral Exam

PWO Initial Underway Checkride 

PWO - ENC 3 - 3 year / RECERT