30 OCT 2020


Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AD-16




Ref: (a) Financial Resource Management Manual, COMDTINST M7100.3 (series)


1. PURPOSE. The purpose of this instruction is to establish the guidelines under which the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) and the District Commodore (DCO) will approve and present their respective coins in recognition of sustained individual acts of outstanding performance and contribution.


2. ACTION. The Director, Commodore and appointed members shall ensure that all concerned personnel are aware of the contents of this instruction. Personnel should be encouraged to earn the right to carry the coin as a symbol of their professionalism, pride and contributions to the auxiliary and Coast Guard.




4. BACKGROUND. Over the course of the United States military history, coins have become a part of tradition. The policy provided below is intended to ensure that the awarding of DIRAUX or Commodore coins complies with statutory authority and procurement policy while preserving the military tradition and significance of these items. While the use of the coins has now extended beyond its roots, the rationale for the coin’s presentation remains the same – informally recognizing those personnel whose outstanding performance and contributions have directly affected successful mission outcomes.


5. DISCUSSION. The Director of Auxiliary and the Commodore coins have been established in an effort to recognize those Auxiliary members within the Seventh Coast Guard District who, through exemplary performance, conduct and contributions, have earned recognition deserving of special mention. These awards are Auxiliary specific and should not be confused with awards given by another issuing authority. Additionally, the coins shall not be given as a “gift” but must be awarded based on superior performance or as special recognition for exceptional contributions. All contributors to the Auxiliary are eligible to receive the coin, including Auxiliarists, active duty, reserve, and civilian members, as well as any others designated by the Director or the Commodore.




A. Coin Presentation. At all times it is the Director’s or Commodore’s discretion to award their respective coins. However, these guidelines will generally be followed in issuance:



(1) The Director or Commodore may award a coin on the spot when he/she witnesses or is made aware of outstanding performance that might not otherwise be recognized.


(2) Any contributor to the D7 Auxiliary, as outlined in paragraph 4, who witnesses noteworthy contributions on another member’s part should bring it to the attention of the Director or Commodore at the earliest opportunity.


(3) An individual should not receive more than one coin.


B. Management of the program.


(1) The Director and the Commodore are responsible for the execution and record keeping of this program. If a Commodore purchases their own coins, there should be no need to keep records of those he/she gives to members.


(2) Coins must be maintained in a locked cabinet and under the control of the Director and Commodore, respectively.


(3) Coins may be purchased with AFC-30 funds if Coast Guard policy for the purchase and award of coins is followed. Current guidance is detailed in reference (a).


7. ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT AND IMPACT CONSIDERATIONS. Environmental considerations were examined in the development of this instruction and have been determined to be not applicable.


8. FORMS/REPORTS. The Director and Commodore are responsible for maintaining the administrative record required by Reference (a). This includes details of the awarded item, the date of the award, the recipient, and a brief description of the contribution that led to the award. The Director and Commodore must ensure the proper transfer of records as duties are transferred to new incumbents.


J. W. Briggs

Commander, United States Coast Guard

Director of Auxiliary

Seventh Coast Guard District