Wow, what an eye-opening experience the last nine months have been while working to support all of you here in the Seventh District. I’ve come to realize that the impact of the Auxiliary missions on overall Coast Guard operations across the fleet is truly astounding. Conducting essential missions afloat, airborne, and ashore, you serve as a critical force multiplier across the nation.

It has also become evident that in order to be qualified and ready for any of the various missions you conduct, there must be a robust support system. That’s where my office comes into play. Working in concert with the Chief Director, the D7 Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) office is committed to the timely, efficient, and consistent delivery of a range of administrative and logistical services in support of your efforts. We do our best to meet this commitment.

There are six of us in the office working fulltime to keep up with the needs of 4100 members across the district. So as you can see, it is quite a challenge to keep our commitment of “timely, efficient, and consistent delivery” of services. It’s not for lack of effort, but due to an overwhelming volume of various needs, we sometimes fall short of our mission statement goals. This is an issue that needs attention. Whether we miss the mark on issues related to performance recognition, qualification progression, financial reimbursement, or a myriad of AuxData related issues, it’s not acceptable. Our job here in the office is to provide you quality customer service. We are currently looking at our processes and procedures here in the office in an effort to find better, more efficient ways of getting the job done.

Another possible avenue to helping us provide a better service is an increase in manpower. Many DIRAUX offices across the nation have the luxury of numerous dedicated Auxiliarists that come to the office on a weekly basis to help manage the office workload. In the past, our office has had this same amenity, but lately (pre COVID-19) we only have 1-3 volunteers, coming in one day a week. I’d like to welcome any local Auxiliarists in the greater Miami area that would like to help out in the office on a regular basis. Typical administrative tasks would include record filing, award prep, ID card verification, etc.

Additionally, I expect the AuxData modernization initiative will greatly enhance Auxiliary administrative and operational capabilities. It will bring an enhanced business management system that will better facilitate mission and people needs through an improved interface.

I’d like you all to know that I’m proud to be a part of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, if only by my job title. And all of us in the director’s office look forward to continued customer service improvement, moving the Auxiliary in a positive direction. Know that we will continue to work with leadership to knock down roadblocks (travel claims, injury claims, budget issues, etc.) and in return I ask that you maintain a focus on mission safety.

Thank you for your service.

CDR. Nevin Griffin Director of Auxiliary

District 7