08 NOV 2022



ALAUX 041/22 Subj: PROMULGATION OF THE AUXILIARY TRAINING HANDBOOK – BOAT CREW, ATH 16794.51A ________________________________________

A. Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M16794.51A

B. Auxiliary Training Handbook – Boat Crew, ATH 16794.51A

1. This ALAUX announces the cancellation of reference (A), and the promulgation of reference (B).

2. Reference (B) was signed by the Chief Director of Auxiliary on 01 November 2022.

Major changes include:

• Converted from Manual to Handbook.

• Restructured Instruction.

• Updated Coast Guard office designations, addresses and telephone numbers.

• Coxswains are required to be physically located next to the helm of a facility when training or supervising a break-in coxswain.

• Added Mishap Reporting section.

• Removed all references to the legacy POMS and replaced with AUXDATA II.

• Added a requirement that members who have been in REYR status for a period of five years or more must re-qualify by completing all required tasks for the desired position.

• Added nighttime currency maintenance requirements and hours for certified coxswains and crewmembers.

• Added annual currency maintenance requirements “TASK” for all Crewmember, Coxswain, and Personal Watercraft (PWC) Operator. • Updated Navigation Rules examination requirements.

• Updated Qualification Examiner hours to count towards currency maintenance hours towards coxswain. Subj: PROMULGATION OF THE AUXILIARY TRAINING HANDBOOK – BOAT CREW, ATH 16794.51A

3. No paper distribution will be made of this Handbook. This Handbook is available on SharePoint at: CG-BSX-1 - BSX-1 Directives - All Documents ( and the Internet at: Surface Program Manuals and Document Info (

4. All new currency maintenance (Task & Hours) requirements for ALL Boat Crew positions will become effective starting 01 January 2023 for Calendar Year (CY) 2023 in AUXDATA II.

5. A “How to Guide” is being developed to capture paragraph 4 requirements and will be released in a future ALAUX.

6. Internet release is authorized