Auxiliary Training Handbook - Boat Crew, ATH 16794.51A



a. Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series)

b. Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual, COMDTINST M16798.3 (series)

c. Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Handbook, ABQH 16794.52 (series)

d. U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual Volume I, COMDTINST M16114.32 (series)

e. U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual Volume II, COMDTINST M16114.33 (series)

f. Coast Guard Deck Watch Officer Examination Program, COMDTINST 16672.5 (series)

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h. Risk Management (RM), COMDTINST 3500.3 (series)

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j. Coast Guard Addendum to the United States National Search and Rescue Supplement (NSS) to the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR), COMDTINST M16130.2 (series)

1. PURPOSE. a. This Handbook provides standardized performance objectives and guidance for the purpose of training, qualifying and certifying auxiliary members for patrol duty on Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel facilities. b. In accordance with (IAW) references (a) through (k), every effort has been made to make this Handbook useful and applicable to all aspects of Auxiliary procedures for boat crew qualifications and training. In situations where this Handbook does not address a specific organizational construct or relationship and the application of a particular provision is unclear, users should seek clarification from Commandant (CG-BSX) through their chain of leadership to clarify the provision in question.

2. ACTION. All Coast Guard unit commanders, commanding officers, officers-in-charge, deputy/assistant commandants, chief of headquarter directorates must comply with the policies contained.

3. AUTHORIZED RELEASE. Internet Release is Authorized. Commandant United States Coast Guard US Coast Guard Stop 7324 2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE Washington DC 20593-7324 Staff Symbol: CG-BSX-12 Phone: (202) 372-2515 ATH 16794.51A 01 NOV 2022 ATH 16794.51A 2


a. Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M16794.51A, is canceled.

b. Where provisions of this Handbook differ from references (a) and (b), provisions of this Handbook shall apply.

5. DISCUSSION. This Handbook is to provide guidance to train and qualify members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary as Coxswain, Boat Crewmember, Personal Watercraft Operators, and also serves as a policy reference to those members already certified in the above positions.

6. DISCLAIMER. This guidance is not a substitute for applicable legal requirements, nor is it itself a rule. It is intended to provide operational guidance for Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel and is not intended to nor does it impose legally binding requirements on any party outside the Coast Guard Auxiliary


a. Converted from Manual to Handbook.

b. Restructured Instruction.

c. Updated Coast Guard office designations, addresses and telephone numbers.

d. Coxswains are required to be physically next to the helm of a facility when training or supervising a break-in coxswain.

e. Added Mishap Reporting section.

f. Removed all references to the legacy POMS and replaced with AUXDATA II.

g. Added a requirement that members who have been in REYR status for a period of five years or more must re-qualify by completing all required tasks for the desired position.

h. Added nighttime currency maintenance requirements and hours for certified coxswains and crewmembers.

i. Added annual currency maintenance requirements “TASK” for all Crewmember, Coxswain, and PWC Operator.

j. Updated Navigation Rules examination requirements.

k. Updated Qualification Examiner hours to count towards currency maintenance hours towards coxswain.

8. ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT AND IMPACT CONSIDERATIONS. The Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety, Commandant (CG-BSX) reviewed this handbook and the general policies contained within, and determined that this policy falls under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) categorical exclusion A3. This handbook will not result in any substantial change to existing environmental conditions or violation of any applicable federal, state, or local laws relating to the protection of the environment. It is the responsibility of the action proponent to evaluate all future specific actions resulting from this policy for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), other ATH 16794.51A 3 applicable environmental requirements, and the U.S. Coast Guard Environmental Planning Policy, COMDTINST 5090.1 (series).

9. DISTRIBUTION. No paper distribution will be made of this Instruction. An electronic version will be located on the Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety (CG-BSX) Portal site:

10. FORMS/ REPORTS. The Coast Guard forms called for in this Handbook are available on the internet at Coast Guard Auxiliary forms can be found at

T. P. Glendye Captain, U.S. Coast Guard Chief, Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety