30 OCT 2020

Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AD-07.6


Ref: (a) Auxiliary Manual, COMDT INST M16790.1 (series)

1. PURPOSE. This directive provides policy and guidance to all Auxiliary members in the Seventh District for the Personnel Security Investigations structure and requests for Direct Operational designations.

2. ACTION. All Auxiliary elected officers, District Staff Officers, and Auxiliarists in Coast Guard District Seven shall become familiar with and follow the guidelines contained in this Directive.

3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. Seventh Coast Guard District Auxiliary Policy Directive AD-07.5 is canceled.


a. Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) Structure. To facilitate the completion of Personnel Security Investigations, the Director created the Directors Administrative Assistant for Security (DAA-SEC) position.

(1) The DAA-SEC oversees the Director’s Divisional Security Liaison (DDSL) positions and Assistant DDSL positions. There should be one DDSL per division and that member will be identified by the title DDSL (1, 2) where the number represents their division. In addition, upon the recommendation of the DAA-SEC, the Director may appoint one or more Assistant DDSL’s as needed to administer the District 7 Security Program.

(2) The DDSL’s are the primary point of contact for all PSI issues within their respective division. All questions pertaining to the security determination process and forms submission shall be directed toward the respective DDSL or the DAA-SEC.

b. Direct Operational (DO) Requests. The method for requesting a National Agency Check, Law and Credit (NACLC) for a Direct Operational designation is through the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (eQIP) gateway.

(1) Auxiliarists who require a Direct Operational designation will make a request through their DDSL to the Coast Guard Command Security Officer (CSO) at the member’s respective Sector or Air Station. Air Station Command Security Officers will only be utilized for Auxiliary Aviation participant DO requests. The respective Sector or Air Station CSO will contact the applicant via email to initiate the eQIP process.

(2) The process, including how to log on and the specifics regarding how to fill out and submit the form electronically will be explained by the CSO initiator. The applicant must log into the system within 30 days and fill out the online form after receipt of notification. The form does not need to be completed in one sitting but may be started and stopped when it is convenient for the applicant. Once completed, the applicant will submit the form electronically to the CSO and await further instruction regarding submission of the signature page, fingerprints, credit release form and any additional required documents.

(3) In order to track the submission of the completed security package in AUXDATA, the member must contact the DIRAUX when the application has been submitted to the Security Center.

(4) Allowance for interim certifications remains in place. Specifically, Auxiliarists who have received a favorable OS PSI determination, have submitted the requisite DO PSI package, and have completed all training requirements for qualification in any of the aviation program competencies may be granted interim certification for such by the Director or appropriate qualifying authority pending receipt of a Favorable DO PSI determination.

(5) The application will be processed by the SECCEN and DIRAUX will be notified of the determination.

(a) If a favorable determination is received, the member becomes eligible to participate in any of the DO disciplines.

(b) If the determination is unfavorable, the member will be notified by the Security Center and will not be authorized to participate in any of the DO disciplines. The member will have 30 days to reply to SECCEN with additional information that may change the outcome of the investigation. If a reply to SECCEN is not received within 30 days, the DO will be considered unfavorable and the member may or may not be able to keep the Operational Support status dependent upon the outcome of the background investigation.

5. ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT AND IMPACT CONSIDERATIONS. Environmental considerations were examined in the development of this directive and have been determined to be not applicable.

6. FORMS AND REPORTS. The most up to date forms can be found online at

7. RESPONSIBILITY. The Director will maintain this Directive and make changes as required. 16790 30 Oct

J. W. Briggs

Commander, United States Coast Guard

Director of Auxiliary

Seventh Coast Guard District