Out of District boat crewmembers

“Out of District” boat crewmembers who want to operate as crew in District 7

March 1, 2016

Any Auxiliarist who is not a coxswain or boat crewmember of District 7 must be certified in District 7 before they can go on patrol as legal crewmember or coxswain.

To be certified and receive legal coxswain or crewmember orders in District 7, a Qualification Examination (QE) must be completed in District 7. Check with the OIA for any additional local or night requirements that might be included in the QE.

If an “out of district” member does NOT have a QE certification in District 7:

  • The crewmember may go on patrol but will be shown as “Trainee”
  • The crewmember will not be credited currency maintenance hours due to the “Trainee” status
  • The District 7 host flotilla will be credited the mission hours

Caution: D7 Coxswains should verify that “out of district” crewmembers have been certified in District 7 because A.O.M. will show that a current crew member is legal even though they are not a member of District 7. Please check and make sure that the “out of district” member is not counted as legal crewmember if D7 QE has not been completed.

Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual COMDINST M16794.51A (Chapter 4)

A.8 Inter-District Transfers

Certification for boat crew positions is valid only in the district or region in which the certification is issued. A certified Auxiliarist permanently relocating to another district must be certified by the Director in that district prior to being assigned to duty in that district. The receiving OTO shall arrange for an underway check ride with a QE and shall complete tasks BCM-08-04-AUX for crew member, Task COX-09-06-AUX for coxswain and Task PWC 08-04 for Personal Watercraft.

A.9. Multiple Residences

Certified members with residences in multiple regions must be certified for all regions in which they desire to conduct patrols. A request for certification must be preceded with a letter of recommendation from the OTO in the member’s home district to the receiving OTO(s). The receiving OTO shall arrange for an underway check ride with a QE, within two weeks of the member’s request. The member shall complete Enclosure (1) for crew member certification, Enclosure (2) for coxswain certification or Enclosure (3) for Personal Watercraft Operator certification. This process should be repeated every three years.