Offer of Use Instructions

Offer of Use Instructions:

Submit a ticket and click on "Surface Facilities Offer of Use - Initial", "Surface Facilities Offer for Use - Renewal", or PWC Offers for Use and Re-Offers". You can attach up to 4 files. If you need to attach more files, you can submit another ticket for them. Submit both tickets with the same name and 1 of 2 or 2 of 2.

It is considered a best practice to submit all photographs in the smallest file size possible. Photos are required for all NEW offers for use and are NOT required for any re-offer for use.

Do not check ALL Coxswains when NOT on board as AOM will not accept all Coxswains. If you choose to allow other Coxswains to operate the facility when the owner is NOT on board, you must specify Coxswains by name and member number on the offer for use. You may have as many Coxswains as necessary that are authorized to operate the Facility when the owner is NOT on board. When the owner IS on board, no such designation is required.
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